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ProCharger superchargers are the most powerful and reliable supercharger kits available for your vehicle.

All the supercharger kit details are available to view online, download, or you can have an application specific catalog mailed to you.

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ProCharger Systems

  1. ProCharger Systems are sold 100% complete unless noted otherwise.
  2. High Output (HO) Intercooled Systems are designed for operation on vehicles with stock engines and exhaust.
  3. Stage II intercooled Systems are designed to accommodate higher power levels, but tuning is provided for stock vehicles only
  4. Tuning is available for Systems only and only for vehicles with stock engines with stock exhaust, as well as most “cat-back” exhausts systems.
  5. Complete systems with tuning provided require a minimum of US 91 Octane Gasoline.
  6. All engine and exhaust modifications must be noted at the  time of order.
  7. Specs for complete systems means a pulley to be specified for elevation or aftermarket “cat-back” exhaust systems.


ProCharger Tuner Kits

  1. ProCharger Tuner Kits EXLUDE fuel components and computer programming,
  2. HO Intercooled Tuner Kids are designed for operation on stock and modified vehicles.
  3. Stage II Intercooled Tuner Kids accommodate higher power levels, and are designed for both stock and modified vehicles.
  4. Tuner kids are intended to be dyno-tuned by professional tuners/installers with custom programing.


"Ground Breaking Technology"


LENEXA, Kan. - Accessible Technologies, Inc., manufacturer of ProCharger supercharger systems, is proud to introduce the industry's first programmable ratio supercharger, the i-1 ProCharger. Featuring an intelligent control system and optional touch screen display, drivers can switch between 3 factory supplied performance modes, as well as a custom mode. The patented programmable i-1 design produces immediate response, even at low engine rpm, without any turbo lag or power falloff at higher engine rpm. 

This latest addition to the product line delivers the many benefits of the current ProCharger offering, while adding programmable boost and cockpit control as additional features. Designed and manufactured in the USA, i-1 ProChargers feature exclusive billet impellers and rugged gear cases. Programmable boost is delivered by a highly durable variable ratio transmission design, with a rugged dry hybrid drive. 

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