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ProCharger superchargers are the most powerful and reliable supercharger kits available for your vehicle.

Camaros >> 1992-88 Camaro/Firebird TPI (L98)

1992-88 Camaro/Firebird TPI (L98)

Add More Than 130 Horsepower

Owners of L98-equipped Camaros and Firebirds can expect gains of at least 130 hp on otherwise stock engines running high quality pump gas and utilizing 9 psi of intercooled ProCharger boost. Using the same patented and proven technology that revolutionized the performance of L98 Corvettes, a properly tuned intercooled ProCharger supercharger system is an outstanding and cost-effective way to increase quarter-mile trap speeds by 13 to 20 mph – and knock almost two seconds off your ET – while still maintaining everyday driveability and consistent power delivery. Higher boost levels and even more power are available for modified L98 TPI engines.

Ultimate Engine Protection
The fundamental solution to maximizing L98 horsepower output is the use of an air-to-air intercooler system. Mounted behind the front bumper, ProCharger’s intercooler significantly reduces charge air temperatures for higher boost levels and eliminates the need for ignition retard. The bottom line is cooler air makes more power while eliminating engine-damaging detonation. Owners of ProCharged L98 F-bodies get consistent, repeatable performance without the power fade suffered by non-intercooled power adders as the engine warms up during daily driving and back-to-back runs.


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Product Listing

SKU Title Price Details
1GC211-SCI 1992-88 Camaro/Firebird (L98) ProCharger HO Intercooled System with P-1SC $ 7143.49
1GC211-D1 1992-88 Camaro/Firebird (L98) ProCharger Stage II Intercooled System with D-1SC $ 7871.74
1GC211-D1SC 1992-88 Camaro/Firebird (L98) ProCharger Stage II Intercooled System with D-1SC $ 8018.29