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ProCharger superchargers are the most powerful and reliable supercharger kits available for your vehicle.

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SuperCharger Head Units

Head Units Only.  Not full systems or kits.

To view our SuperCharger Specs, please check out our Specs Section below.

***Images are only a representation and may not reflect the actual product

Product Listing

SKU Title Price Details
PC050A-001 P-1SC ProCharger $ 3124.39
PC050A-040 P-1SC-1 ProCharger $ 3409.92
PC050A-051 P-1SC-2 ProCharger $ 3409.92
PC041A-001 D-1 ProCharger $ 3258.49
PC051A-001 D-1SC ProCharger $ 3700.50
PC010A-002 P600B ProCharger $ 2146.71
PC062A-001 C-1 ProCharger $ 3157.24
PC314A-121-RD ProCharger Intergrated RaceDrive with F-3A-121 $ 10984.71
PC062A-001 C-2 ProCharger $ 3283.58