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ProCharger superchargers are the most powerful and reliable supercharger kits available for your vehicle.

Cobras / Mach 1 >> 1998-96 Cobra (4.6 4V) Race Kits

1998-96 Cobra (4.6 4V) Race Kits

ProCharger Serpentine and Cog Drive Race Kits

When you’re ready to take your ProCharged Mustang to the next level of performance, a ProCharger Mustang Race Kit provides the foundation for a wide range of tire-shredding, ProCharger-enhanced power levels. Year after year, pass after pass, ProCharger Cog Drive Race Kits have proven to be a dependable means of providing higher levels of belt traction from the engine’s crankshaft to the supercharger input shaft. ProCharger Mustang Cog Drive Race Kits are available for many popular Mustang body styles and engine combinations. At the heart of the Mustang Cog Race kit is a sturdy, purpose-built mounting bracket and tensioner assembly. Starting with a solid piece of high-strength billet aluminum, these brackets provide a solid, stable and rugged mounting location for the supercharger. All ProCharger Mustang race kits are crafted from 3/4-inch thick material, with the Windsor Cog Race Kits and Renegade Race Kits featuring a dual-plate design that will stand up to years of high-rpm duty on purpose-built street and race car applications.

Race Car Strength, Street Car Reliability
Cog drive systems aren’t designed and built exclusively for track duty. Thanks to their dedicated-drive design, countless horsepower-addicted Mustang owners install Cog Race Kits, while still maintaining the serpentine-powered power steering and air conditioning systems. Many ProCharger Race Kits are also available in a wide, 12-Rib Serpentine Drive option for even greater installation flexibility; call the ProCharger Sales Team to discuss the configurations and options available for your particular combination. From stock configurations of the latest Mustang 3V engines, to modified 4.6L 4V engines and of course, Windsor-powered Fox body Mustangs, no one offers a wider selection of both serpentine drive and cog drive supercharger kits for high horsepower street or competition Mustangs than ProCharger.

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Product Listing

SKU Title Price Details
1FX205-F1A Serpentine Race Kit with F-1A for 96-98 Cobra 4.6 $ 8101.96
1FX244-F1C ProCharger Cog Race Kit with F-1C / F-1R for 96-98 Cobra 4.6 $ 8970.19