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ProCharger superchargers are the most powerful and reliable supercharger kits available for your vehicle.

Cobras / Mach 1 >> 1995-94 Cobra (5.0) >> 1995-94 Mustang/Cobra (5.0) ProCharger HO Kit with P-1SC

1995-94 Mustang/Cobra (5.0) ProCharger HO Kit with P-1SC

Product Information

Where it all started: the venerable 5.0L. When Ford introduced factory fuel injection on the 1986 5.0L Mustangs, the barn doors were flung open to a new era of bolt-on performance. It was just a matter of time before these boost-friendly engines were realizing the real-world horsepower gains from the industry’s first air-to-air intercooled centrifugal superchargers: ProCharger. To this day, ProCharger is still the only manufacturer to offer an air-to-air intercooled supercharger system for the Fox-bodied 5.0Ls and the only intercooled solution for the SN-95, Windsor-powered Mustangs.

Push Rod Power Adder of Choice

Don’t be fooled by “old school” push rod technology. Most 5.0L and Windsor engine equipped Mustang owners will see a 60 – 85 percent or more increase in horsepower from an intercooled ProCharger system. That’s enough power to easily knock two seconds off your 1/4-mile ET on an otherwise stock 5.0L Mustang. As a matter of fact, the patented and proven, self-contained ProCharger is the only supercharger that has put completely stock 5.0L Mustangs into the 11’s and will take Windsor-based engines into the 10’s, 9’s and 8’s with the fewest engine modifications.

ProCharger now offers their new P-1SC and D-1SC self-contained superchargers... Self contained means that there are no oil lines to the pan and generally installation is cleaner. In addition, ProCharger offers the advantage of intercooling to provide even greater horsepower gains. By keeping the air cooler, more timing and/or boost can be used without the worry of detonation.

ProCharger: The Air-to-Air Innovator

ProCharger introduced the industry’s first intercooled supercharger system, running 9 psi, nearly five years before anyone else and to this day, is still the only company that offers air-to-air intercooling as an integrated solution rather than an afterthought.

If you try to supercharge a 5.0L engine without an intercooler, you simply can’t run much boost without substantial exposure to detonation and engine damage. However, because intercooling removes the heat that causes detonation, you can safely run more engine-friendly air-to-air intercooled boost with full timing and complete peace of mind. And with air-to-air intercooling, there is no need for band-aids such as ignition retard, over-rich fuel injectors or ice water. Intercooling is simply the fundamental solution for reliable high performance, because it substantially improves both engine reliability and performance.

- STD Intercooler:  -
- HP Gain: Call
- Tube Diameter: -
- Intercooler Mount: -
- Drive System: stk 6rib
- Bypass System: ProFlo
- Additional Fuel Pump: None Supplied
- Fuel Injection Supplied: No
- Computer/Ignition Modification: None Supplied

D2) Standard ProCharger bracket requires factory a/c and p/s
D3) Specify stock or bullet-style MAF flange
D4) Battery relocation required (trunk relocation kit supplied)
D5) Cobra balancer must be replaced with GT balancer, Ford part #F4ZZ6A312A (not supplied)"
D8) Specify stock or cowl hood for tubing

Price: $5874.36
Product Code: 1FB012-SC1

Product add-ons

Polished Finish for ProCharger (9" housing)
-P (add $318.25) (-P)

Helical Gearset for Noise Reduction (P-1SC, D-1SC)
add -H to part# (add $127.30)

ProCharger Upgrade Replacing P-1SC
D-1SC (add $572.85) (-D1SC)

Omit FMU
add -OF to part# (subtract $117.92) (-OF)

Omit In-Line Fuel Pump
add -OP to part# (subtract $131.32) (-OP)

Specify MAF Flang

Cobra Balancer (Call or Contact will be made for Pricing)
GT Balancer  (F4ZZ6A312A)

Specify Tubing

Vehicle Year