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ProCharger superchargers are the most powerful and reliable supercharger kits available for your vehicle.

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5.7L or 6.1L Hemi Reverse Cog Race Kit

ProCharger Race and Championship-Winning

Technology for late-model HEMI engines Building on our late-model, EFI HEMI supercharging leadership, and combining it with our 60+ international racing championships, ProCharger now has taken the next step: the NEW Reverse Cog Race Kit for late-model, modern HEMI engines.

Designed specifically for custom, ultra-high horsepower racing applications, the new Reverse Cog Race Kit features a low-mount ProCharger F-1A, F-1C or F-1R supercharger and proven 50 mm cog drive and tensioner design. The Reverse Cog Race Kit can be used in both intercooled and nonintercooled applications. This kit is NOT designed for stock engines or stock vehicles and will require custom intercooler tubing, front fascia modification, fuel system upgrades and custom tuning. ProCharger F-Series Supercharger Models Made in the USA!

ProCharger F-Series: These record-setting, self-contained ProCharger models feature a patented, high-speed compound bearing design and provide operating speeds unmatched by any other supercharger on the market. ProCharger F-Series superchargers are the ultimate for today’s ultra-high horsepower street, strip and extreme racing applications.

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1DX200-F1 5.7L or 6.1L Hemi Reverse Cog Race Kit $ 8903.64