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ProCharger superchargers are the most powerful and reliable supercharger kits available for your vehicle.

AMC >> 360/390/401 Serpentine >> AMC 360/390/401 D-1SC System Kit

AMC 360/390/401 D-1SC System Kit

Product Information

High Output with D-1SC (8 rib)

 ATI is proud to be the innovators when it comes to modern, self-contained, gear driven centrifugal superchargers. Offering the industry’s best, strongest and most powerful centrifugal blowers (our original, oil fed design) wasn’t enough– we went back to the drawing board to raise the bar even higher! This effort produced a completely new breed of centrifugal superchargers: the stealthy P-1SC and D-1SC, the industry-standard F-1 and F-2 and the record crushing F-3 and F-4 superchargers.

System Includes:

-Procharger D-1SC Supercharger System (up to 900 hp)

-ProFlow Surge System

-Stage I Water Injection System

-1000 hp high pressure fuel pump w/fittings

-Boost reference fuel pressure regulator w/fittings

-Custom built blow-through carburetor or FiTech GO EFI throttle body power adder self learning fuel injection

Price: $0.00
Product Code: AMCD1SCPRO

Product add-ons

Vintage Air Conditioning Serpentine System
-compressor -filter -dryer -thermostat -underhood hoses (add $1228.12) (-AC)

Power Steering Serpentine System
-pump -remote resevior -connecting tube -brackets -belt -pulley (add $805.65) (-PS)

Power Brake Check Valve
(add $78.60) (-PBCV)